June 30, 2016

Are your business processes in the hands of someone else?

Mikael Ekström

Senior Digitalization Advisory Consultant, Tieto

Have you recently reflected on that more and more of your business processes actually are in the hands of someone else? Either external partners or in department silos internally. Most probably, in that case, they are not the most efficient ones. My advice is: take back control of your business processes!

Business today is more and more built on a complex network of partnerships with external suppliers, and a growing part of the business processes stretching outside the own company. Think about your many different partners, like transportation and logistics, repairs, re-sellers, financials and others,  aren’t they really doing most of the execution on your behalf?  Do you control and steer them well enough? Can you compare their execution in terms of SLA’s etc. Can you be sure that their processes are automatic, swift and according to new digital needs?

At the same time most of the internal departments of your organisation continue to operate and work in the “same old way”, in silos. They probably think this is the best they can do with the resources available to them. But what it usually means for an organisation is, that huge amounts of time and budget end up devoted to existing maintenance, instead of innovation, automation and increased efficiency.

This is a problem, as today's consumers and end-users are more demanding than ever. For instance, they expect to use their mobile devices to interact online, wherever and whenever they want, 24 by 7. If a company doesn´t deliver this, they will easily switch to some other businesses, or in worst case talk openly about your slow and insufficient way of helping them.

But are companies really set up to meet these demands under their existing systems? In many cases the answer is no, as they do not have the effectively integrated business processes that are necessary for a digital world, or rely on outside business partners they have little control over.

Take back control of your business processes

Your own core contribution to your business is today mainly in the intellectual property, the research and innovation, and especially the unique know-how. But everyone is talking about disruptive businesses popping up and challenging the well-established ones, and no one can feel safe and secure any longer.

If you don´t want your business to be disrupted or at least strongly challenged in the near future, you need to take back control of your business processes.  Start by looking closely at your situation and start executing a change strategy to shift….

  • from a focus based on the internal silo organisation - to focusing on the external end-user connectivity across your horisontal business execution
  • from manual problem solving - to a high degree of automation in decision making and support
  • from only office hour support - to global 24 by 7 access
  • from a collective unknown user view-point -  to delivering a personalised, highly individual,  level of service across all channels, including mobile

It is by integrating, automating and controlling your business processes that your organisation will be able to move forward in digitalization.

There is help available. Tieto has a strong track record in helping our customers to stay on top of digital opportunities. Let us also help you, with our Digitalization Advisory services. Feel free to contact me at any time!

As a last comment, there are actually many different approaches to digitalization. Even if the end-consumer approach, or so called outside-in point of view, is very important, an inside-out approach is also needed. The truth is that to be able to “get there”, your existing IT solutions and services are also very much needed to be part of your Digital Journey in one way or another.  Let me therefore also share our view on how to succeed with this internal part of the Digital Journey - read our whitepaper Your journey into the heart of digitalto get a good view on our approach!

Have a great and relaxing summer! 

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