May 13, 2016

Increasing our capability to provide 24/7/365 services

Markus Melin

Head of Tieto Security Services, Tieto

We at Tieto Security Services are proud to announce new exciting services.

The driver behind this announcement is clear: in most industries, cyber security is no longer just a technological but an ever-more-critical business issue. At the same time, it’s a constantly changing landscape. And it’s indisputably top management’s responsibility. Probably the most important change is EU’s new legislation known as General Data Protection Regulation, which imposes hefty sanctions if organisations fail to secure their customers’ data – even if it never was their own fault.

What is then Cyber Security Operations Centre? It monitors business critical assets and security situation and reacts to threats and emergencies using the best available knowledge of global threat landscape.

Cyber Security Operations Centre builds on our first service, Tieto Security Wall, which we launched back in January. While Tieto Security Wall lets you know that there may be something wrong, it leaves the organisation with the responsibility to do something about it.  With SOC, we own the incident for you until it is resolved or worked around, 24/7. You just need to take the business decisions should they be needed at any point.

Cyber Security Operations Center is supported by another Tieto offering, Security Advisory and Assessment Services, which offer to analyse an organisation’s security infrastructure, detecting and highlighting critical risks and vulnerabilities. After all, security is not about technology, but about understanding business processes and protecting business continuity.

You know where to call if this is a concern to you!


For more detailed information please see our white paper.

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