May 11, 2016

How user preferences are driving the development of the public sector

Mats Brandt

Vice President for Public sector, Tieto Sweden

The public sector is facing an exciting future with major challenges and opportunities ahead. We are in the middle of a digital age where enterprises and organizations are constantly under pressure to evolve and offer more innovative services to their customers. As all players are connected to an ecosystem, partnership is becoming increasingly important.

At the same time, there is a clear focus on globalization. The population is increasing, growing older, and people are migrating to big cities to a greater extent, creating huge challenges. Adding to this the fact that our resources are constantly decreasing, it is clear that the situation is extremely complicated.

Digitalization and automation is our next revolution, and it could have a greater impact than even the industrial revolution. As new technologies emerge, and as people's expectations of technologies change, it's a chance for enterprises and organisations to create real innovation and value.

In the future, inhabitants will receive better public services, healthcare, education and welfare. Our enterprises will benefit from better conditions for competitiveness, and deliver even greater value to their customers and stakeholders.

This is why it is so exciting for us to have the opportunity to work with these challenges and opportunities in the public sector! Tieto’s projects directly affect society and it is a truly great feeling knowing that we contribute to better schools for our children and young people, better healthcare for the sick and elderly, and an higher overall quality of life for employees and citizens of all ages.

User preferences are changing rapidly

Regardless of industry, user preferences are driving the development of business models, products and services at an increasingly rapid rate. Consider the amount of time it took for different technology platforms to catch on:  it took 110 years for traditional telephony to reach one billion users, 50 years for TV and eight years for smartphones. Messaging apps, in particular Messenger and WhatsApp, reached one billion users after only two years!

If a new technology can gain one billion users in two years, imagine what this might mean for innovation in the public sector. The implications are enormous! And, with the arrival of cognitive computing and robots almost upon us, it's hard to disagree than an exciting future awaits.

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