April 28, 2016

Time to start Tieto’s next growth chapter and capture the opportunities of the data-driven world

Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO , Tieto

Digitalization has turned software and services sector as key enabler for business renewal. Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities laying ahead and announced its new strategy for 2016 - 2020 late March. 

By building on the successes from our prior strategy, leveraging on our strengths and capturing the multitude of opportunities in the market, we concluded that now is absolutely the time for us to continue supporting and guiding our customers to the future by taking on bigger challenges and accelerating innovation and growth. 

Our main aim with the new strategy is to be customers’ first choice for business renewal as the leading Nordic software and services company. To reach that aim, we have made choices in three categories:

  • First of all, we want to provide services to accelerate customer value by building solutions and capabilities to accelerate our customers’ business performance and renewal.
  • Our second choice is related to geographical focus and expansion: we aim for Nordic leadership and to expand our industry solutions internationally.
  • The third choice includes our ways of working, as we want to put even stronger emphasis on openness and co-innovation in a global ecosystem. Customers, partners, start-ups, employees, academia  ̶  none of us can succeed alone, but in a joint ecosystem, we can create real value for businesses, entire societies as well as our professionals alike.

The data-centric world offers significant opportunities for Tieto

We at Tieto envision a future with information as the biggest driver of continuously increasing social and economic value. As digitalization gains speed, the amount of data and information will become immense. The ones who understand the value of data and place investments to utilize this, will be the winners in this game.

During a recent visit in the United States, I met with large global tech players to discuss their views of the future. One of my favorite examples is around cognitive intelligence: today 1% of companies apply cognitive intelligence, whereas in 2020, the estimate is around 50%. Imagine the opportunities!

With new data-driven businesses as one of the key areas of our strategy, we have a great opportunity to be a core player in this area. I am fascinated by the opportunities we have to explore this – just think about the value this can bring both to our customers and to our employees in terms of learning opportunities and new areas to explore.

The market provides great opportunities for co-innovating and renewing businesses together with our customers and partners. We have a successful strategy period behind ourselves, putting all of our fundaments in good shape, and there has never been a better time to accelerate innovation and growth. We have a tremendous opportunity to shape the future we live in – let’s capture the opportunities together and truly create value for society, business and people every day!

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