April 13, 2016

Incredible, Innovative, India – #TietoStartupConnect

Joni Lehtonen

, Kone

“Incredible India” is a remarkable campaign launched in 2002 to acquaint foreign tourists with different aspects of Indian culture and history. The campaign was conducted globally, and it was well perceived throughout the tourism industry and travel sector.

The campaign was an eyeopener for many of us. I believe it affected our perspective on the professionalism, service attitude and passionate mindset of the Indian people.

Last week I visited India. I spent a few days in the city of Pune, where one of the largest Tieto sites globally is located.  I attended an innovation event, Tieto StartupConnect, for local startup companies held together with NASSCOM, which is the industry association for the IT-BPM sector in India.

Our aim was to find collaboration and co-creation opportunities with startups who can partner with us in our digitalization journey. In the event, startups showcased their solutions for leveraging IoT, E-commerce and data driven technologies to serve our industrial customers.

We were facilitating business challenge war rooms and co-creating solution mind maps to address business problems and to create new business value for our customers.  

Like “Incredible India” opened my eyes to the travel industry, our Startup Connect event with NASSCOM opened my eyes to the professionalism, versatility and passion of the incredible companies innovating in India.

My business challenge was: “A company, with a product portfolio, that is comprised of commodities was facing huge price pressure, and they were forced into the death spiral of cost cutting. They made a strategic choice to break out of the death spiral and start to compete through excellent customer service. They considered a new business model with connected products (i.e. IoT) in which they take a strong responsibility for customer business processes, offering a guarantee that their products never fail.” The response of the audience knocked my socks off.

Perspectives for solving this business challenge were very versatile and varied with the focus of each startup, but what impressed me the most was the instant ecosystem formation. Companies started to collaborate with each other and were able to compose a more complete solution, through which this ecosystem of startups provided more together than any of them individually.

After a week in India, we have a good network of passionate companies with innovative technologies. We have ideas about how to combine several new technologies into one solution in an ecosystem of startups. Now it’s time for usto turn insight into business value.

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