March 11, 2016

This is the most valuable thing I’ve learnt at Tieto

Valtteri Ranta

Partnering and Business Development Trainee, Tieto

After starting as a Tieto trainee last June, I’ve had the opportunity to work broadly in different projects and with many excellent Tieto employees. During this time, I’ve learnt a ton and gained more confidence. The most valuable thing I’ve picked up at Tieto also has to do with confidence: share your ideas as soon as you can.

Quite honestly, this was something I discovered the hard way. I was supposed to review and develop a document, and then let others know what I thought. I kind of hesitated and pondered whether my thoughts were good enough. Once I was finished, the document had already been dealt with, and my work turned out to be pointless. Had shared my ideas as soon as I got them, I would have saved time and been a lot more beneficial. 

That was a rather tangible example of how sharing ideas pays off when done promptly. I also believe that sharing is worthwhile when it comes to bigger, even world-changing ideas. For some reason, we are intuitively bound to mull over own our thoughts to make them better and more presentable. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in my experience, the feedback doesn’t always correlate with the time spent deliberating. So why wouldn’t you share your idea as soon as you can? If your concept doesn’t gain broader support, at least you didn’t waste much time. Besides, you did something valuable – you stirred up some conversation and probably brought about fresh thoughts. In return, you get feedback and new perspectives. Win-win for all.

At Tieto, we have excellent platforms for sharing ideas. The knowledge and experience of over 10,000 employees can be reached with a social intranet update or blog post. Or maybe you already know someone who could be interested in your idea. Quite possibly you’re not alone and by joining forces, you can turn your idea into a reality.

It might be difficult to break old habits. Practice helps, though. What often prevents me from presenting ideas is the fear of underachieving; however, facing the fear is the only way to relieve it. As unpleasant as it might feel, the best moment to share your idea is right now.

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