March 18, 2016

Getting a taste of Tieto’s Indian office

Caroline Söderström

Trainee, Business & IT transformation, Tieto

As mentioned earlier, our Swedish trainee program consists of three rotations, one of which is stationed abroad. I have just completed my abroad rotation in Pune, India, where our development and maintenance center is located and I thought I’d share some experiences about my trip! 

When my friends and family ask me how my Indian journey was, I stumble over the words. Describing India in a short sentence is hard, so I always end up answering, ‘It was an experience.’ I’ve been lucky to live in many parts of the world, yet India was truly unique. The life there is just completely different from Sweden. Simply commuting to work is an experience and you never know what you will see. A cow blocking the traffic or a rikshaw driving on the wrong side of the road will not surprise me anymore. It took me about a week not to be scared to death every time I got in a car; Indian traffic laws were more like general guidelines than something people actually follow.

If I nevertheless tried to sum up India shortly, I would probably mention that it was crowded (only Pune has half the population of Sweden), noisy (honking meant everything from casual blinking to a “Get out of my way” command), and that smoke followed you everywhere you went. I also came to love many things during my stay: friendly people (many times I felt I was treated like a princess), tasty and spicy food (butter chicken and the garlic naan, yum!), Indians’ beautiful colorful clothes (especially the decorated saris), and the perfect weather (at least in Pune during wintertime). The Indians I met were a bit shy, but very friendly and helpful. They happily shared their food at lunch, showed me around the city, and gave me their best tips on restaurants and places to visit.

Since 2005, Tieto has had a branch in Pune, India. Now about 2,000 people work there. At the local Tieto office, I got the opportunity to learn more about the delivery process of one of our products within healthcare. It was indeed very valuable, as I have no IT background. For instance, Scrum and agile working methods were new for me when I first arrived. Apart from IT, I also got to learn about cultural and business differences between India and Sweden. Not only was it very interesting, but it will also be useful in the future.

To summarize, the trip to India has enriched me in many ways, both professionally and personally, and I’m very thankful for that. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Indian colleagues for making me feel welcome while staying there! The trip will definitely be a life-long memory.


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