March 24, 2016

How cyber security will evolve: My 9 takeaways from RSA 2016 conference

Markus Melin

Head of Tieto Security Services, Tieto

I got the privilege to once more attend one of the most important security events in the world, the RSA Conference 2106. Staged in Moscone Center of San Francisco, famous for being the place where Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone and changed the mobile business for good, it gathered together over 40 000 security professionals.

RSA 2016 gathered tens of thousands of security professionals together.

It’s a place to be if you want to anticipate where cyber security is moving. Here are my nine key takeaways from the event.

1. Internet of Things and segmentation of the services. It will be a mess in the near future, and nobody knows for sure how it will evolve, but a lot of companies have this on their radar and are talking about it.

2. Cloudification continues to move, but it is still the endpoints where it is easiest to early detect and block malware attacks.

3. Orchestration and automation platforms will become the next thing. Many vendors were showcasing their tooling, and the winner of the most innovative startup contest of RSA 2016 is working in this field.

4. Behavioral analytics is rising in importance. It’s not always about machines, it’s about us, the people.

5. Authentication is an important part of the security field at the moment. You may also have to sign in passively, and handling this is a challenge for identity management in organizations.

6. Data security is getting politicized, on global scale. The Apple iPhone vs. the US Government case is the most high-profile case of recent and was referred to in many presentations.

7. Buying behaviour is changing by customer committees. Buyers are starting to see that things need to work together. It’s ecosystem approach but in a smaller context.

8. Easy user experience and security still don’t always get along with each other smoothly. Making things fast and simple will be difficult to do securely.

9. Keeping kids safe online. The internet offers all kinds of activities for minors – from learning and games to communicating with peers. But there are risks to be managed: cyberbullying, predators, identity theft, and so on.

For more information Tieto Security's view on cyber security, please see our white paper.

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