January 22, 2016

How my job has changed since 2007

Jan Kyncl

Head of Work Load Automation Services, Tieto

Today’s IT companies transform continuously. In order to keep pace with the competition, Tieto has also changed a lot. Our customers demand higher quality at lower prices – and delivered by fewer hands. These challenges have led to new technologies, such as cloud, as well as to offshoring, automation, and staff cuts. Teams work more globally and some of them are even remotely managed. Simply put, the only thing that stays is change.

The rapid pace of business requires constant personal and professional development. Right skills and certifications are surely important, but the most crucial thing lies between the ears. You can be a consummate worker with lots of experience, but if you lack the right mentality, and if you drift away from the mutual goal, you might actually do more harm than good. This calls for flexibility from all of us.

Since I joined Tieto in 2007, my position has changed every 1–2 years. I have enjoyed it, as I do not like monotonous work all that much. I have been able to climb the ladder from a service desk agent to middle management in eight years. For the past five years, I have led four different teams, two of which are now merged with other teams. Currently, I lead a global unit called Workload Automation Services.

With new responsibilities and roles, I’ve been able to get valuable experiences and develop myself. I’ve tried to keep my mind as open as possible and focus on the benefits that might come about. People tend to fear change and new, unknown situations, but such experiences have helped me to understand that they indeed are a central part of my job and need to be accepted. It is not always easy to get everyone on board. Overcoming such obstacles and changing employee perspectives might actually be the biggest challenge our company faces.

At Tieto, we usually get good support to adapt to new situations. We can attend transformation-related training, and our management organizes events where we can discuss ongoing issues and even influence these changes. It’s beneficial for all parties involved.

One major advantage we all have is the ability to reason and to accommodate to new situations. Physically we might not match other animals, but we have intellect, which allows us to invent technologies and survive almost anywhere. IT is a major player in that and I’m glad to be in a business that advances constantly. With the right people, we can help our customers reach their goals, and make even bigger things happen.

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