January 26, 2016

Digitalization enforces creativity - accelerating business through online communications

Kia Haring

Head of Global Communications, Tieto

Digitalization has an impact on marketing and communications alike. When times are hard, marketing and communications teams are required to show more creativity in addition to expertise and efficiency. It is worth considering reusing content as one means of boosting efficiency. We have harnessed the skills of our company's experts to create excellent content – let’s make the most of it!

Employee ambassadors have been discussed in B2B companies for a while. By highlighting the organization's experts via content planned specifically for target groups, it is possible to attain thought leadership and increase brand recognition while also engaging in closer and more meaningful interactions with key audiences. Employees now have more influence over the brand than ever before – we are all marketers!

We began the Tieto employee ambassador programme a couple of years ago. Rather than having content delivered by the communications team, we opened the floor to our experts. We encouraged them to write blogs and engage in social media. We provided training, prioritized social media channels and produced measurable results for the ambassadors to motivate them to continue their work.We realized that this was a more efficient and even more genuine way of communicating and creating dialogue with our stakeholders.

With about 60 000 members in our LinkedIn groups - the potential reach for the company stories is approximately 36 million professionals!  Amazing figures - and in extremely cost efficient way! Currently thousands of our employees are participating in the ambassador program directly or indirectly, and more and more are encouraged to join.

eBook on digitalization written by Tieto experts

We wanted to put forward our views on how digitalization is changing enterprises and society, and to present the high level of expertise that our experts possess. We were also able to communicate the scintillating atmosphere and entrepreneurship that permeates our organization. Examples of this are the ambassadors of the two internal start-ups (Industrial Internet and Customer Experience Management).

Our blogs expanded outside our organization and our blog challenges were taken up by a diverse range of opinion leaders and influential figures in the digital realm, including Riina Kirmanen (Vaisala), Atte Palomäki (Wärtsilä), Anni Ronkainen (Kesko) and Pauli Aalto-Setälä (Aller). I would like to thank them for their involvement!

Our blog articles were shared and read a large number of times, and our digital discussion platform, Perspectives site, is visited more than 15 000 times every month by external visitors. We are extremely proud of it. We have generated good results with a relatively small financial investment – although it should not be forgotten that we are in the IT business, so our personnel started out with fairly extensive social media networks.

Encouraged by the good results, we decided to compile the articles into an eBook, with authors from Tieto as well as experts from Finland's leading companies.

The result is not just a book of blog articles; it is a description of the largest force for change in our times – digitalization. The book is entitled "Accelerating business through digitalization". The experts' blog articles are compiled in such a way that they analyse the theme of digitalization from different viewpoints: business benefits, better customer experience, functional efficiency and new business models. This is how we got 60 authors to work together on a single book about digitalization.

Naturally, the book was made in a digital tablet edition, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play free of charge. The PDF version is available here.

Go ahead and read the thoughts on digitalization by top experts, and do join the discussion on future business here on our perspectives site!


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