December 18, 2015

Want to be free from security stress?

Esa Sorola

Lead Architect, Tieto Managed Services, Tieto

Business rocks on mainframe part 2/6 – Imagine for a moment; what if your IT could be virus free, hacker free and aware of its own security? In other words, could IT without stress be a reality for you?

You can choose the level of your security stress

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can either choose to keep running patching up security fails as they emerge, or take a more coordinated approach and spend your days on things that really contribute to your business success.

In the end, all boils down to deciding between two options:

1) To rely your IT on ‘security empty’ servers and then add all the security elements you want to have on top those servers. These ‘security empty’ servers are typically x86 based servers, no matter if consumed as cloud or in a physical or virtual way.

This approach is the root cause for a lot of security stress!

In order to securely support your business running on x86 based architecture,  you will need a large amount of different security software, hardware, and even security services from external vendors, to shelter from viruses, hackers, and other intrusions.

2) To rely your IT on servers with built-in security and enjoy a stressless time.

These servers with in-built security are typically mainframe (z System) based servers, no matter if consumed as cloud or in a physical or virtual way. In order to securely support your business, you just define your z System environment rules, and that´s it.

Of course, there are always some security concerns you need to manage, such as the human factor and security policies, in order to maintain a secure environment.

What makes these two approaches so different?

The reason is, they are designed for different purposes from the very beginning.

  • An x86 server has been built to serve one single purpose only, and with no built-in security features. But in today’s hyper-connected world, you cannot live with a solution that has no security elements in it, so you need to add a plenty of security elements there to make it safe enough for your purposes.
  • A z System server has been designed and built to share all of its resources.  Thus, security has been on the design board of the z System creators from the beginning in detail both at the hardware and operating system level.  Today, z System is the most secured system, used in the world´s most critical IT environments.

This means, that when you choose to run your IT on z System (Linux or z/OS) you immediately set yourself free from your current security-stressed world and start to enjoy a simplified, peace-of-mind IT environment.

For more information on the topic, please check the following sites: and

Three steps to lower your security stress

A word of warning might still be in place: Even if you have the most secure hardware and operating systems, it does not automatically mean that you have a foolproof environment. You also need proper security policies and commitment from the management as well as from the personnel, and you need a system that can fulfill your policy and keep it up to date in a transparent and effective way.

Here are three concrete steps to get you started on the path toward lower security stress:

1) Move as much as possible of your current x86 workload to z System (Linux or z/OS)

2) Build up your new workload from the beginning on z System (Linux or z/OS)

3) Wrap up your z System with the best possible security service available (like the one we offer our customers in Tieto…)

As I mentioned in my previous post, remember that you no longer need to be one of the big corporates or institutions to have the privilege of using the best, and the most secure, core system. You can now take z System capabilities in your use at a fraction of the original price, thanks to cloud-like shared capacity models and new z System functionalities like running open Linux on z System.

I’ll tell you more about this in my coming posts, so keep tuned in!

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