December 22, 2015

Succeeding in the age of the customer - agile, fast and business-driven

Veikko Sippola

Lead Consultant, Tieto

How do you keep up with rapidly changing customer demands and expectations in a digitalized world? 

This requires new tools and methods that allow your business experts to drive development of your organization’s processes in a rapid and innovative way.

Achieve business agility

Your organization´s ability to quickly adapt to market changes requires a “low-code” and agile process platform. These platforms offers visual modelling environments with drag-and-drop features and a low learning curve, thus allowing business and process experts to quickly design and deploy digitalized workflows.

Test and learn

By adopting a “test and learn” culture you allow improvement initiatives to fail quickly and cheaply and thereby learning quickly from the experience. The combination of an agile process platform and a “test and learn” approach provides you with an excellent environment where new and innovative business models can be uncovered through rapid experiments by business experts.

Improve continuously

When digitalizing your processes, you also establish a business environment that is geared for identifying ineffective workflows. Automated metrics collection and built-in dash-boards provides you with outstanding opportunities to monitor your processes in real-time and to get early warnings on sub-processes and activities that are not meeting their SLA’s.

Start small, think big, scale fast!

To achieve this in an efficient way, you need a partner who can support you in your transformation journey towards a digitalized business environment. A partner who understands and manages the legacy-side of your IT. A partner who at the same time provides methods and tools that allows you to digitalize your workflows in small steps - resulting in fast delivery of business value and a business environment that is optimized for continuous improvements.

Digitalize your business. Leverage disruptive technologies to digitalize business processes and customer experience, and develop new digital products and business models.

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