November 6, 2015

We need diversity of thought in the world to face new challenges

Fanny Vakkila

Business Consultant, Tieto

Lotta Ahonen

Interaction Designer, Tieto

Technology is all around us. It's a mistake to think that we need to be IT professionals, let alone study computer science or engineering, in order to work in tech. In reality, it's an exciting playground for creative thought that enables us to solve even the most mundane problems in our everyday lives. 

Tech needs voices that are unbiased because these are issues that touch us all. As technology enters the fabric of everyday life, it becomes more important to understand how we experience it and move from a 'technology-first' to an 'experience-first' mindset. As such, we need more soft skills in the tech industry, both on the development side and the business side.

This demands that we address its gender imbalance, so we asked ourselves: how can we attract more women to tech?

Networking is one of the most important opportunities to meet role models and like-minded women in the tech industry. Events like Women in Tech 2015, which was held in Helsinki in October, are a good example of this. The day was full of excitement and it was inspiring to meet so many women from different backgrounds.

For us, the most rewarding part of the event was the Tieto Experience Hub cross-industry workshop, which was the second biggest workshop of the day and attracted almost 130 women. We focused on the convergence of different perspectives and backgrounds, and it seemed like the participants really had fun creating privacy-related concepts using cross-industry thinking. 

This atmosphere and energy in the room made us feel like the phenomenon of 'women in tech' is more than just a passing trend: in order to overcome the challenges of digitalization, we need to achieve diversity of thought - and to do that, we need more tech-minded women in the jobs market.

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