November 10, 2015

One week in the fall

Carl-Fredrik Liedeholm

Solution architect Trainee, financing and banking, Tieto

After both an exciting and interesting introductory week abroad, we trainees finally got to install ourselves at the Stockholm office in Värtahamnen. The first day, I was introduced to many people from the Financial Services team operating on the sixth floor of the building. I must have been introduced to at least 30-40 people, so it was rather hard to remember everyone’s name. However, I got a good impression of everyone, as they were all very accommodating.

I also received a list of people from Tieto Financial Services that I am supposed to meet during the forthcoming weeks. They will introduce me to both their individual roles and professional tasks. I believe this will clarify some of the questions I have about how the section is organized. 

At the very beginning, before starting a self-leadership course and meeting my fellow trainees, I sat next to two architects for two days. They were working with Entra Card – a Tieto software solution used for the issuance of cards, the handling of purchase transactions and the administration of merchants. The team’s task was to implement the product for a customer’s e-banking system and include the issuance of credit and bonus cards. My mission was to overview the work to receive an overall picture of the programming that underlies the product and the integration – a knowledge that is essential for IT-architects. The program language they were working with was RPG - an “old school” language developed by IBM in 1959, which I was not very familiar with. However, it was a stimulating experience to overview the project.

Prior to the self-leadership course, we all did personality tests which, among other stuff, functioned as underlying material for the course. The course was very interesting and consisted of workshops, cases and personality match tests where we got to know each other even better. We also achieved an even better understanding of how different personalities interact in groups, which is essential when it comes to operating in teams. In addition, we were told about behavior, values and the importance of setting up achievable goals.

On the Wednesday evening, we had an “after work” with some of the former trainees and other TYPS members in Coffice on level 7, a cheerful “get together” where I met some new people and received even more input about the organization as a whole.

On the last day of the first week, there was some restructuring and it was decided that I was going to follow the TICC team and engage in updating an internal document overviewing TiCC and its components. This project will be specified this week and I am looking forward to initiating it.

So far then, the learning-curve has been steep, but the work has been both fascinating and rewarding. More of the same please!


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