October 26, 2015

Rethink how you manage your data, the new oil in digital business

Hanna Leino

Product Manager for Database platform services, Tieto

Today’s business requires huge amounts of data stored, analysed and searchable, and the volumes are growing day by day. You can say that data is the new oil in the wheels of business. You cannot run without it, and you can´t afford to lose it at any point in time. 

The issue concerns nearly all business processes - from purchases to warehouse management, from sales to logistics and billing, from accounting and reporting to marketing and human resource management.

How to manage the valuable data so that it keeps your wheels spinning smoothly? How to use it to speed up your business?  When out meeting customers, be it business management or IT people, I´ve noticed that many companies seem to be facing a number of common challenges related to their database environments.

To summarise the worries in three words; it is complicated and costly to run large databases, whether in-house or hosted. The complexity and cost will only increase as the amount of data to be managed and handled grows day by day.  It requires a lot of capacity, both storage and computing, to be able to respond to business needs fast and in an agile way.

Complex means slow

Companies who are running their daily business with these large database systems are now facing the challenge of how to keep up with new business requirements at a faster speed.  Changes in your business require new ways of managing and operating your databases. The pace of changes needed has increased dramatically and the old way is getting too slow.

You need to rethink and find a way to simplify how you operate and manage your databases.  The key question is: Should you run your own environments or buy as-a-service?

In a business where “always on” is an essential requirement, the most cost-efficient way to achieve database availability, flexibility and security could be to move into the cloud.

Imagine another way

Imagine to have a database environment:

  • that responds in a flexible way to your business demands by scaling up or down fast
  • that serves your data analytics requirements with high-performance and real-time information in a much faster way
  • that you only pay for according to what you use and nothing more
  • that guarantees high-availability and performance

We did this imagining exercise in Tieto, and developed a new alternative for our customers.

Oracle database as a private cloud – first in the Nordics

Our solution is Tieto Dynamic Landscape for Databases, a scalable private cloud solution for business critical database environments built on Oracle optimized technology. It will allow our customers a cost efficient and agile way to run Oracle databases with improved performance and faster deployment of new environments through automation and standardization.

We will be the first to offer this service in the Nordics and we believe this will really change how large enterprises and organizations manage their databases. The new solution will enable our customers to reduce complexity and costs while improving their agility and speed in responding to changing business demands.

Tieto Dynamic Landscape is meant to be a key piece of the puzzle for any enterprise moving into truly digital business.

If you'd like to know more about how we can help you to use your data to speed up and grow the business, I will be happy to tell you in person.

Watch Tieto´s launch video with Hanna Leino and Oracle´s Ron de Jong.

For more information visit our web page: www.tieto.com/dynamiclandscape


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