October 15, 2015

Reflecting on the first Bubble Sessions

It is hard to believe a year has passed since Tieto’s new brand identity, Changing Perspectives, was launched. In addition to all the changes a new brand identity brings to an organisation in terms of advertising collateral and even new faces, we have also experienced a mental transformation.

This shift is best captured by the Bubble sessions – a series of think tanks where we discuss and explore ideas at the intersection of business and technology – which began in March 2015.  

Since we began, panels of experts, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and our own employees have discussed subjects such as “The force of innovation in a digitalized world”, “Smart data and the Creepy line”, "Looking beyond the digital tipping point” and our previous one "Digital disruption" which was filmed in front of a live audience at this year’s Tieto Leadership Forum.

Despite each session dealing with a unique topic, we have seen innovation, digitalization and change become recurring themes. Indeed, the human aspect of what digitalization means for society is perhaps the hot topic for businesses and consumers as we edge towards the second half of the decade.

In an age where wisdom is continually chunked in to small, smart sound-bites – ideally a 140 characters or less – the Bubble Sessions have produced a lot for us all to think about.

Here are some of my favourite perspectives so far:

On innovation

“We get hung up on resources. It’s more about people.” – Linda Liukas

“Modern leaders should not follow the old conservative ways of leadership where you tell people what to do. Instead they should set up a system and set the perfect stage for everyone in the company to be able to shine.” – Taneli Tikka

“Why do people fall in love? It’s the same driver behind innovation – human nature.” – Taneli Tikka.

“We need more open standards, open models that other people can benefit from.“ – Luigi Vanfretti

On data and the creepy line

“Privacy is related to trust and trust is related to brand. If you are concise about your brand, one of the worst things that could happen to you is that people start regarding you as someone they don’t trust with their data. If your business is data you can’t afford this to happened.“ – Jyri Engström

“The key is that the customer experience is viewed as a service, as a benefit, as something that is good for them and something that they feel is worth having to sacrifice some amount of privacy or information to that company.” – Caterina Fake.

“I think companies could put even more thoughts into how they intend to use data and how they intend to leverage on data for doing good.” – Katharina Segersthål

On the digital tipping point

“Customers value things more emotionally, If we can begin to understand this, we can innovate in different ways.” – Elísabet Grétarsdóttir

“If you are afraid you might fail, then you are more willing to prioritize innovation.” – Elísabet Grétarsdóttir

“You also need to look at your organisation, culture and leadership. Make your platform much more agile and faster than your customers are. Customers have a changing speed, which means we must develop at pace.” – Jeanette Jäger

“Individuals are asking why we should do things the same way we’ve always done?” – Robin Teiglund

What´s next?

My key take away from the sessions is that “everything seems to be the same but different” and “it is all about people”.

So perhaps we are not as complicated and advanced as we’d like to think we are? Our needs and behaviour have not changed considerably in the past thousand or so years, which is one reason why we find change so fundamentally difficult to manage yet exciting at the same time.

As a marketer, I would urge you all to never lose this human aspect as we embark on he adventure of digitalization that is all around us right now.

For more insights and perspectives on what’s next, please follow our upcoming Bubble Sessions. I can promise there will be more exciting, interesting and challenging discussions that can help us all to Change Perspectives!

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