October 26, 2015

It’s all about the people and their stories

Sofia Bressler

Online Producer, Tieto

So a half-year has passed and we have done four Bubble Sessions. And I must say, this is seriously one of the most challenging and fun roles I’ve ever had. We’re doing something different, new and challenging. And when it comes to producing talks that are dynamic and energetic - I’ve learned a lot.

So what’s my role in this? I’m responsible for the format around the Bubble Sessions, the end-result that is published on the Perspectives site. In TV-language you would say executive producer, here at Tieto I’m a session manager. This basically means that I’m casting the participators, writing the storyline, the synopsis, helping out with the script and making the final approval for the finalized Bubble Session.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that in order to get dynamics in the discussion, it’s all about the mix of participants. If you place four persons with the same background and demography around the table, they will most likely pat each other’s back and say the same things. But if you mix them up with a challenger that dares to cross the stream, maybe works in another industry, has another background and says the things that no one else dares to – there’s the dynamics.

As all TV-productions, there are a lot of preparations before you do the actual recording. There must be a base for the script, you need to brief and research the participants before, you need to set up some sort of an image flow to make sure that we set the right tone in the images, and you need to find stories to tell and the dramaturgy in the discussion. The last point I think is crucial; Set the scene and build up to the problem, the problem is revealed and you arrive to the “point-of no-return” and you need to solve the problem (this situation happens in every Hollywood movie you see, I promise) and then you come to the end where you slow down and conclude everything. (Or the happy ending as in all Hollywood movies). This is the classic dramaturgy in so many well-known movies, and I think that you can apply this to a lot of things you’re producing.  And don’t forget, everyone has a story to tell – find it and your production will be more engaging.

It’s also important to find a format that works for this type of discussion. After a lot of trying back and forth, I think we have found an image concept that works for the situation. For us it has been important with quality in a Bubble Session, but I think we can do even more short video clips with a mobile phone camera to create faster and lighter content. (You will see more of that this autumn). We also need to consider the fact that everything is changing all the time, and it goes fast. That means that we also need to be fast and agile – that’s why a Bubble Session might not be the same today as it will be in a couple of months.

And at last, but absolutely not least, it’s always good to have a celebrity, or a well-known name in the session. We could see that our “Smart Data and the Creepy line” Session generated most views. Why? Well, it was an awesome discussion. But, we had well-known names in the session that had a lot of followers in their social channels and they are gurus in that specific topic. Of course that helps a lot. So this is absolutely one thing we will focus even more in our journey with the Bubble Sessions.

Thanks for the awesome first half-year with the Bubble sessions, looking forward to more interesting and energetic discussions that will position Tieto as a true business partner who helps our customers and partners to change perspectives. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas or feedback for the Bubble Sessions.

Until then, go out Changing perspectives. I know I will do that.

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