October 20, 2015

Everything is digital, everything is social

Jenni Santalo

Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Tieto

For companies it´s hard to get their messages through and reach the persons they desire to. How to ensure that those persons you want will receive your message? This is how we did it with our Bubble session think-tanks.

All of us at Tieto are committed to changing perspectives, thinking outside the box, and accelerating customers´ business. I do that through digital and social media communication. One of the great ways to change perspectives is our Bubble session think-tanks.

Last week my colleague Kristina Westerlind wrote about launching the Bubble session concept. It´s an online think-tank, where opinion leaders and business influencers discuss and explore innovative ideas. The Bubble Sessions are there to change your perspective.

I am very proud of the concept; where we have gathered the brightest minds around topics like innovations, smart data and disruptive technologies in the digitalized world. I´ve met inspirational people like Caterina Fake, Linda Liukas, Jyri Engeström, Ola Ahlvarsson, Svante Tegnér and our own Taneli Tikka and Katarina Segerståhl, whom I luckily get to talk to every day.

As mentioned the Bubble session is a digital think-tank. Digital is important; it makes things transparent, democratic, and enables real, open dialogue. It creates a world, where customers, partners, competitors and suppliers co-operate and innovate a better world together.

The power lies in people.

The question is: if something is digitally existing somewhere, how to find it? The key is of course the social networks; systematic presence there and well-chosen channels. Bubble Sessions are communicated and promoted actively on our social channels - on Tieto Blog, Twitter and LinkedIn (which all compliment each other) by Tieto, but more importantly through the think-tank participants and Tieto´s employees.

The message is not found unless spread effectively both by individuals and companies. Nevertheless, individuals - not even the employees of the company - will spread the content unless they can be proud of it and can relate to it. It´s company´s duty to provide that kind of content. Bubble Sessions are a good example of content well received and spread.

Social media is great in many ways, also because of its distinguished possibilities to target. To make sure that our target groups were exposed to the Bubble Sessions, we used normal LinkedIn updates but also sponsored updates and InMails. As people are getting millions of impulses daily, targeting is the best way to make sure your message is heard and seen by relevant people. Spamming is never good. In Twitter the targeting happens through hashtags, and the exposure by getting right people to re-tweet you.

It´s simple and therefore magical.

With these actions we gained a lot discussions, visibility and internal proudness. That´s excellent, but I do hope that the Bubble Sessions have also made people think, innovate, be bolder and get inspired. Inspiration is needed. Without regular injections of inspiration we would fall into the greyness of the everyday life! 

Additionally I wish that our think-tanks have generated a bunch of ideas which we will hear about in the future. The kinds of ideas that will develop societies and enterprises further. The kinds of ideas that will make us amazed!

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