September 17, 2015

No ‘silo mentality’ here

Lauri Kaipainen

Business Consultant Trainee, Tieto

Companies with large service and product offerings are often made up of several sub-organizations that each have their own business targets. If internal business units feel the need to compete against each other, there is an increased risk of people succumbing to a so-called ‘silo mentality’ and starting to act only in their own self-interest. 

These problematic situations have occurred and lead to circumstances where internal business units compete against each other, conceal information and hoard resources.

Before joining Tieto in late February, 2015, I had already read about the open source culture but was unsure if it was actually a central theme in the way of working here. My initial presumption then, was that in a company of this size with multiple business areas and units, becoming isolated in one’s own department could pose a real risk to openness. Gladly, however, from the very first day at work, it became evident that the Tieto open source culture is very much an intrinsic part of the entire company ethos.

For me, the open culture has become an everyday norm of behaving in my job. Working in business consulting means that I get to cooperate with a variety of colleagues from different backgrounds, fields of expertise and business units. Brainstorming together by sharing information – creating new and combining the existing – is an absolute prerequisite for solving our clients’ complex business challenges. Without a transparent and open-minded environment it would be hopeless.

The mindset of openly working together not only helps us as a company to deliver the best results to our clients, but also helps us grow as individuals. Employees with diverse backgrounds tend to look at business challenges from different viewpoints, which helps others expand their ways of thinking and to change perspectives, so to speak. As my colleague Marja pointed out in her recent blog post, learning from the people around you is an invaluable asset we should all embrace.

With the ever-intensifying competition in the market, as well as new challenges and opportunities emerging from digitalization, companies need to utilize their most important asset, the people, to their best potential. I believe that open source culture is the key to this, and am proud to say that at Tieto we get to work in a truly fruitful environment where great minds inspire, challenge and help each other whenever needed.

So let’s keep on sharing, caring and learning together! 

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