September 24, 2015

Industrial Internet making the future today

Jukka Kuusinen

Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Internet, Tieto

We have been building the future already with some of the latest developments for IoT, putting platforms and capability in shape for the delivery of productivity.

The news are all over: Citizens of many nations are struggling with the productivity issues. Budgets for the coming fiscal year 2016 and strategy rounds in companies are putting pressure on the people to produce growth strategies, sustainable business models – and ever better performance. On top of it, we are pretty much in the peak of inflated expectations in the hype curve in respect of Internet of Things.. It will be exciting fall towards the plateau of productivity.

Could Industrial Internet solutions that provide accurate measurements, bring some value to you and your organization? Decision making in the data driven business model becomes about as good as the collected data when it gets analyzed and refined – and then finally fed back into decision making process.

Sense, Think and Act

We here at Tieto Industrial Internet team talk a lot about a trinity: Sense, Think and Act. For the first part, there is a decision to be made in every organization whether to follow the big data principle “data first, questions later” and “instrument everything” OR limit the data collection due to financial considerations of storage space cost. In this case, the answer might be something in between:

SENSE enough and store it so that you have more than enough data for the initial discovery, look at the existing corporate data that exists and combine it with the data you collect.

THINK what makes sense to collect in respect of the unique business you are in. Talk to people who understand how various elements impact the productivity and quality, and so forth. Use modern tools, find data scientists to help you – and no, you do not need to have all of this yourself, there are companies that help you out to do this.

ACT decisively when you execute data driven business model, allow the algorithms be developed so that we can harness the power of modern tools and cloud computing. Automate everything you can. Why? Answer can be described through an illustrative story how Mr. Kasparov, the Grand Master in chess lost almost 20 years ago to IBM Deep Blue supercomputer. Now, two decades later, the current champion has absolutely no hope to compete against a machine – the Chessmaster game that can be downloaded to your laptop has more power and better programs with far better punch than any human can come up with. For your big data and suggestions for things like Root Cause Analysis – the computer can definitely run the data through and come up with all thinkable scenarios as recommendations for what to do?

We have an Exciting Fall ahead of us, many business cases are taking shape, companies are responding to the challenge of productivity and we are excited to be part of it. It is about 90 days to Christmas and there is a strong sense of urgency in the market to define what can be done today.

Let your machines talk – let’s get from avenues of opportunities to revenues that await the Nordic business if we embrace digitalization and have courage to experiment a bit rather than try to be perfect in the first attempt.


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