September 10, 2015

Fail or succeed – the future is determined now

We are a part of digital transformation of society that’s really happening now and will continue whether we like it or not.

Will we be a part of the Kodaks and Facits or are we going to embrace this change and prosper? Kjell talked about who will remember you when you’re gone, it’s also interesting to reflect on who’s going to be remembered, if not you.

So, how to handle this disruption?

I think you already are. Think about 5 years ago 2010, what phone did you use?  What did you use it for? What new apps and habits have you picked up during this fairly short time? What will you do in 5 years from now?

Digital disruption has come a long way thanks to mobile and I think digital disruption is a means to a truly democratic society. Think about it - you’re no longer constrained by the bank’s opening hours, the fact that you don’t live in a big city so can’t see the cool music bands or shows. Or you can’t buy the latest brands because you work odd hours and the shops are closed when you get off work. Personally, I think this shift in society is a very exciting time and we all have an obligation to make the best of it, because what we do (or fail to do) now could have a real impact on the future.

But like we discovered during the Bubble session embarking on this digital transformation as a business can be very intimidating. It's often too easy to get stuck in discussions about what is not possible, or that it is bad timing right now or that someone else has already done something. This may (or may not) be true, but is probably completely deceptive.

Instead try to focus less on what is not possible and more on what you actually can do. Yes, we cannot achieve world domination before Q4 this year, but we can at least install Swish and evaluate mobile payments in a pilot or try out. That could lead to new insights and opportunities towards the future.

If it seems difficult or even impossible I will gladly assist! There are proven methods for this type of transformation, and I know a few of them.

Watch our latest Bubble session and take part in the conversation.

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