September 30, 2015

Brave new world

Beatrice Palmgren

Business Development Trainee, Retail, Tieto

As a group of five new trainees entered the Tieto office in Stockholm a few weeks ago, they were all dressed to the nines and raring to enter the world at the intersection of business and technology. I was one of them and like the other four, had no idea about the extent of the challenges, opportunities and industries that we were about to become acquainted with.

During our two-week introductory period, we have, of course, been introduced to Tieto as a company. We have also got to know each other, thus realising the diversity of the people and the paths that have led everyone to where they are now. The five of us trainees are no exception: We are alike in many ways and yet so different in others. 

The five of us come from various academic backgrounds and all have our own story of how we found our way into IT. I, for instance, do not have any comprehensive previous experience in this particular area. I studied Industrial engineering and management and it wasn’t until writing my masters’ thesis that I got to explore the world of IT, and more specifically, the future challenges digitalisation puts on the retail industry. And here I am today as this year’s trainee in Business Development within Retail, Logistics and Services.

Our backgrounds may be different, but there are certainly some similarities as well. We are all really into challenges and thinking in new ways, but we are also a very cosmopolitan group. Altogether, we have travelled the world and also lived and studied in countries like France, Chile and Denmark. I guess you can never be sure where something will take you.

In addition, we have had the privilege of getting to know other Tieto employees and former trainees as well. They have taken very good care of us newbies, making us feel really welcome. Furthermore, they have provided us with a number of jaw dropping prospects about the industries that Tieto operates in.

Absorbing all of this new information should keep us busy for a while. Luckily however, along with the work there has also been time for fun and games. For example, during our trip to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, we had massive fun go-karting and Segway racing with some of this year’s former trainees.

Next week, we’ll have the opportunity to go and visit even more corners of the Tieto world in both Helsinki and Ostrava. So don’t miss out on the coming updates from my co-trainees! In the future you will be hearing more about our journey. You can find us at ‘life at Tieto’ under the tag ‘Trainee in Sweden’.


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