August 5, 2015

While the rest of Finland is on holiday…

Paula Kasurinen

Sales Trainee, Tieto,

...the summer trainees keep on rolling. It has been extremely peaceful at the office for the last couple of weeks, as pretty much the whole of Finland is on their summer holidays during July. No e-mails, no lights turned on near my station, the office is almost quiet. This is a good time to get into the flow and focus on all of the assignments that demand a lot of concentration.

I’ve also been working from home quite a lot which is awesome as I don’t have to wear real clothes and can use the time I would spend commuting to sleep in a little bit longer. However, working from home can sometimes be quite challenging. Although some colleagues and other summer trainees are only a phone call or instant message away, the lack of social contact still starts to get to me after a few days. Thus, occasionally I like to get out of the house and go to the almost empty Kilo office and have lunch dates with whomever is not on holiday.

Because of this, I’ve also had time to reflect upon everything that I’ve learnt during my time at Tieto a little more. Besides the insights and aha-moments I get from my daily work, I’ve also learnt tremendously just by being curious, asking questions and listening to what people have to say. I’ve also tried to get as much out of my summer experience at Tieto as possible by being proactive and pushing myself out of my comfort zone a bit: suggesting ideas, asking for advice rather than trying to figure everything out by myself, organizing out-of-the-office meetings, writing for this blog and so on.

As this will be my last blog post for the summer I would also like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know at Tieto thus far. I’m grateful for all the lovely and funny memories I’ve received during the summer: the cruise with my teammates around the Helsinki archipelago, the beautiful sunset we watched together with other summer trainees after a sauna night, the angry swan we had to run away from when playing Mölkky too close to the water, and all of the lunches and after works where we shared hilarious stories. It has truly been a pleasure to get to know you all and as the summer isn’t over yet, I’m sure there are still many new memories to be made.

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