August 4, 2015

Networking – having the curiosity to learn from each other

Anne Mikkilä

Business Navigator, Application Development and Maintenance, Tieto,

I still see networking as human-to-human, contact, even if we can now talk about virtual networking as well. While digitalization is all around us, and as a Tieto employee I see myself as part of shaping the digitalized future, it is definitely the human aspect of business that makes working life rewarding and fascinating.

I feel that I have had great opportunities for networking while working in different parts of Tieto.  My background is in HR and the accounting software development business, after which I continued with Enterprise Content Management and later on in the Business Intelligence area, in Application  and in Workspace Services. Now I am back working with Application Services  as a Business Navigator, where together with other Navigators and with the whole unit my task is to change the way we work and serve customers.

In fact, I ended up in my current work assignment when over lunch with one of my much-respected colleagues from one of my former leadership teams, along with her manager, the topic of an open position came up. Great match, great networking.

During, as I call it, my horizontal journey through so many different parts of Tieto, I have met and worked with excellent colleagues, and I think this is among the best ways to network within the company. I have learnt, for example, what a strong history and what deep expertise we have regarding the forest business and its processes, or how we take care of solutions that enable our retail customers to have their stores’ shelves stocked full on time.

Virtual networking, on the other hand, enriches the ways I can learn from and interact with my Tieto colleagues. For example, I check LinkedIn on a daily basis to see what my colleagues are posting and what their current interests and thoughts are. The ideas and thoughts of colleagues like Teija Kuustonen, Head of Tieto Customer Experience Development as well as those of Tieto’s start-ups like Taneli Tikka’s Industrial Internet and Mikko Leinonen’s Customer Experience business units are on the top of my list of who to follow and interact with.

Just by keeping my eyes and ears open I can easily start a conversation with a new person in Tieto at a lunch restaurant or at our common events. Interesting dialogues can even lead to coaching and mentoring relationships, which I have experienced and appreciated over the years very much.  

For me, networking is simply being genuinely interested in other people and their thoughts, values, competences, and skills. It works both ways, as networking is also a great opportunity to share your own thoughts and ideas with others and receive feedback, which in many cases has supported and helped me to make right decisions and actions.

As it is August, and this is my first working week after summer vacation, I am already curious to see who I will meet this autumn, what I will learn and what we will able to share with each other and accomplish together.    

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