August 30, 2015

Develop fast and agile. Try and fail and find your future stars.

Fredrik Ring

Head of business and IT transformation, Tieto

Your present business and IT is not future ready. Digitalization has turned industries and competition upside down. New ways of running business and IT are needed. Develop fast and agile. Try and fail, and eventually find your future stars. 

Two modes of operation

Many times business and IT operations are too slow. Processes, policies and operations are built to preserve. You need to ensure continuity, and that present business and IT is run as efficiently as possible. This often calls for two modes of operation. Rigorous, streamlined and effective. Agile, fast and innovative. But it would be a mistake to drive separation too far…

Leveraging the past

It would be a waste not leveraging your current assets when creating future business. Hidden in your legacy IT is a data treasure to harvest. This is often one of the most valuable asset, and fuel for innovation. But it is not only about data. Many times you can put a new face on old applications to create a completely different digital experience.

Replace and preserve

You need to modernize IT in order to enable digitalization. The trick is to understand what part of your stack is essential for digitalizing business, and create a road map replacing what needs to be replaced. Improving what needs to be preserved. And use legacy data in combination with new technology to drive innovation.

Take over, modernize, digitalize and close down

To be able to do this, you need a partner, who analyzes the current IT to draw the future landscape and roadmap. A partner who manages all aspects of change. In digitalization, technology, business processes, organization and culture, is completely embedded and inseparable. These need to be managed as one - agile and fast. Business is IT. And IT is business.

Digitalize your business. Leverage disruptive technologies to digitalize business processes and customer experience, and develop new digital products and business models.

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