August 31, 2015

Customer is the new black - Co-create the results!

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab & Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto

It used to be so sophisticated for organisations to set up an innovation department, or a lab, and bang heads on the white walls waiting for great ideas to come around and implement themselves into great products or services. This approach is long gone. Luckily, by now it became evident that innovation is not something that just happens, or can be grown behind closed doors and then just released into the wild.

It is becoming more and more common for organizations to openly share the challenges they have and ask for external input. One example is the largest hacking event in Europe, UltraHack which is a part of Slush conference. It is creating a platform for various organizations to post a challenge to open community, and then jointly take winning concepts further. It becomes evident that co-creation has been embraced across multiple industries, having such players as Posti, Children’s Hospital, Nordea, City of Helsinki and Tieto among others to participate.   

For solutions to be relevant to your existing and potential customers, you have to get out of the meeting rooms and embrace the world outside. All industries are now facing challenges connected with digitalization of reality. Of course, their focus is slightly different, but one trend rules them all: Customers are the new blackThey are not to be disregarded. They are not to be ignored. Instead, their wishes are to be embraced, and their frustrations are what will give that advantage to your business over any other.

Three steps towards better results:

1. Do not assume you know the customers

Do your homework. Talk, yes, talk, to your current customers, talk to those who have no clue who you are. Listen to what they say. Take their emotions into account, do not overlook even the tiniest ones. Learn about the larger context, about their habits and worries. Aim at solving their challenges, not selling your solution.

2. Take it for a fact - you do not have all the best minds working on that one project

There is always more to any collective intelligence of any group. You have to start from somewhere, that’s true. Make a hypothesis, based on research you’ve done following the advice #1. Create a minimum viable product and open up your work in progress to others. Test it, validate it, iterate it. Co-create the result. Use all the great minds you can to provide input.

3. Don’t even think of stopping

Biggest mistake in digital services age is to celebrate any kind of victory. Your customers evolve with each moment that passes by. Even if they are happy with the your offer right now - don’t relax, or you are out of the game. Staying ahead of competition means that you need to keep on listening, keep on improving, keep on surprising your customers.  

With Tieto Expericence Hub we have created a playground for consumers to get intimately involved with the brands. We provide open ecosystem of partners, across different industries that enable engaging conversations and co-creating the futures together.

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