July 7, 2015

Top 3 reasons why I’m thrilled to work at Tieto this summer

Paula Kasurinen

Sales Trainee, Tieto,

When my phone rang in late spring with the good news that I’ll be spending my summer as a trainee at Tieto, I shrieked for joy and felt a rush of excitement pass through me. 

The same feeling of excitement has continued during my first month at Tieto and I’m more and more confident that working as a trainee in the Insurance Concepts team is the best possible summer job that I could have hoped for. Here’s why:

1) Inspiring people

For me, and I’m sure most of us would agree, the people around me are a tremendous source of motivation. Luckily, at Tieto I have had the privilege to encounter and work with people who have both brilliant minds and great attitudes. Working with people from varying professional backgrounds and observing how high levels of expertise from different fields can create something more than just the sum of its parts has been a fascinating experience.

I have also gotten to know people from different units, which has been a great opportunity to get familiar with the Tieto organization as a whole. The other summer trainees are also a nice bunch of people and we have already made plans for some out-of-the-office activities to get to know each other better.

2) Constant learning

During my time at Tieto I have literally learnt something new every day, from technical lingo to industry insights. Even though the first days were pretty much spent googling the meanings of different abbreviations such as CSI (Consulting and System Integration) or SaaS (Software as a Service), I’m slowly but steadily starting to see the bigger picture and understand how Tieto brings value to its customers. Before entering Tieto, the world of IT was an unknown territory for me and thus the amount of new information I have acquired during my first month has been tremendous. It has been deeply gratifying to be able to fulfil my passion for learning and new discoveries.

3) Stimulating work

At Tieto I have been given the chance to use my full potential. I have the freedom to complete my work assignments the way I best see fit. It has also been incredibly satisfying to apply into practice something that I’ve previously learnt only on a theoretical level. Furthermore, I have been able to put into use and enhance my skills in analytical thinking, business development, and teamwork.

All in all, my summer 2015 is off to an inspiring start. I hope that this summer will be filled with good vibes and energy for all of us, whether we’re working or on holiday.

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