July 22, 2015

Tieto as a learning experience

Elina Kärki

HR Trainee, Tieto,

At Tieto’s introduction day for Summer Trainees, Tieto’s Vice President for Leadership and Talent development Minna Tornikoski advised us to make the most out of the internship at Tieto and keep learning also outside of your own comfort zone. For example, by asking inspiring people to have a coffee with you it is possible to find out about new opportunities at Tieto. 

That truly is part of the open source culture at Tieto - to learn outside your limits. The company is full of knowledge and know-how which everyone can take advantage of. Since this opportunity as a summer trainee is so fruitful, the most important thing was to keep my eyes and ears open.

I chose to apply for the position of HR trainee at Tieto because I got fascinated about how HR functions work in an IT company where knowledge and competence is one of the main resources. My employer image of Tieto was based around the fact that Tieto is the biggest IT company in Finland. Because I am keen on technology, Tieto seemed like a perfect place to work for the summer. As I started at Tieto, I made a couple of commitments to make my internship successful. The first one was to learn as much as I could, and the second was to go beyond the expectations: my own and as well as others’.

The biggest lesson I have learned was about the different fields of HR: employment branding, recruitment, and employment support, and how HR can improve business with the business mindset that Tieto’s HR has. Before I started at Tieto, I had a blurry vision about how the different fields of HR work, but Tieto’s HR clarified my perception. It was truly inspiring to find out that human resources management is not always only a supporting function, but it can be part of the core business.

Another lesson was about the IT-industry and especially its rapidly changing environment. Naturally, it also affects human resources management. The needs and competences of employees change, and HR has to take it into consideration on every level. HR needs more efficient and integrated software and the overall transformation to HR cloud services is ongoing. At the same time, HR processes are required to be more agile.

I have accomplished my goal for my time at Tieto: deepened and specified my interest within HR and learned from the talented people here. Tieto has helped me understand that in my future career I want to combine my interest towards technology and human resources.

Tieto Summer Trainees' sauna evening on the roof of the office.

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