July 15, 2015

My Tieto summer experience so far

Niilo Korkiakoski

Software Developer Trainee, Tieto,

Last year I was hired at Tieto as a software developer trainee for the duration of the summer. At the time I had wrapped up my second year of studies in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, and this was my first job in my own field.

When I came to the Kilo office for the first time I was slightly taken aback: where were the abundant cubicles and water coolers I had imagined? Where were the noises of the office and those of ringing phones? It was nothing like this. There were dynamic workstations, helpful colleagues and I was even assigned a mentor, seeing as I was the newest and youngest developer. Right from the start I was told that there are no stupid questions and that asking for help isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Coming to a large corporation from the oh-so-clinical university environment was quite a culture shock: whereas before I’d only done schoolwork and assignments where everything starts from scratch, I was now thrust into a world of dependencies, existing technologies to use, and agile development. Daily scrum meetings, tasks, and goals to be achieved? This was very different from the deadline-oriented working methods that I had gotten used to.

I spent that summer developing back-end software for the eBanking team. Many times I looked out of the window and glanced at IRC where my friends would be planning to go to the park or to the beach. Then I’d sigh, take a sip of coffee and get back to furiously tapping the keyboard and muttering nonsense at the editor when my code wouldn’t compile. After clocking out I often joined said friends.

The sense of accomplishment when the program works is like no other. I gained valuable experience during that summer about corporate working methods, new technologies and also had some spending money for a change. After another year of school, when the spring was coming around, I was again looking for a summer job as a developer and, wouldn’t you know it, I got hired at Tieto again.

Despite being located at a different office, from day one I saw familiar faces who joked about it “being that time of year again.” Novel technologies, interesting assignments and a greenfield project in front-end development. No wonder working in the CEM team feels like a startup. As I’m writing this beside a huge window and gaze at trees rustling in the wind and the sun shining brightly, I get a strange feeling of déjà vu. But hey, there’s fresh brewed coffee and air conditioning, so why complain?

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