June 1, 2015

Fun with Android app development

Patrik Kågström

Software Designer, Tieto

Have you been thinking about creating your very own Android applications? Here is an introduction to get you started. What tools to use when developing apps and where to look for help and inspiration.

It is possible to start developing without any prior programming skills. Although to make things easier I would highly suggest first having some basic understanding of Java. It is also helpful to have some prior experience in any Java IDE like Eclipse or Intellij, or start right away and use Androids own IDE called Android Studio.

Android studio

Getting started

To be able to develop anything for Android you will first need to download the Android SDK. This contains all necessary libraries to get started with developing Android applications and the Android SDK Manager which will help you download the needed Android OS emulator images.

Android SDK Manager

The Android SDK also contains a Eclipse version which is setup for Android developing with all the necessary Eclipse plugins and project support to create Android Eclipse projects.

By creating an Android project you will get a finished "HelloWorld" example. The application provided can be run either from your own Android phone which you connect with USB and deployed through Eclipse. Or you can run it using the emulator which you get the necessary images for using the SDK Manager.

Android Hello World

Learning how to write Android Applications

AndroidThere are alot of documentation and forums which are good to read but the best way of learning is by doing. Start out with the helloworld application and get that application running then try to play around with the code. See how things work and how you can change it to look different.

Another way is through books, this was actually the way I started as well. I purchased the book Android Programming. The book will guide you through a lot of applications which uses different sensors and API's which was really helpful. There are also many free e­books available.


The Android SDK is easy to get started with. It has all the tools necessary to get started. Its easy to work with and really fun as well.



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