July 2, 2015

Ad hoc provides platform for opportunity marketing

Kia Haring

Head of Global Communications, Tieto

It is important for sales and marketing to realize the potential of opportunity marketing.

The ever-changing environment, fluctuating situations and ecosystems as well as increasing clock speed fill our days with new opportunities that can help us reach our goals better and faster.

Witnessing the development through a marketer's lens myself, I call this the era of opportunity marketing.

Communications professionals are nowadays talking about opportunity communications, but I find it being equally important for sales and marketing to realize the potential of opportunity marketing, created by sudden and constant changes in the operating environment.

Ad hoc activities are here to stay, and their prevalence will only increase. I say that that is exactly where the opportunity lies.

Opportunity marketing framework consists of elements that have become commonplace owing to digitalization:

• Increasing speed: Everything happens faster. Decisions need to be made faster. That means you need the ability to make decisions faster.

• Reachability: As consumers and employees, we are constantly reachable.

• Empowerment: A leader needs to give enough leeway to their employees, so that they can make decisions independently at a pace that the increasing clock speed demands.

• Leading with data: With data you can understand the customer better. Data also helps you make decisions faster.

Speed and real-time decision making are increasingly important. An organization that can react quickly and see the wood from the trees can keep ahead of the pack.

Opportunity marketing requires an air of trust, courage, freedom and wit. Wittiness means understanding the situation and combining the insight with speed to grasp the ad hoc opportunities in accordance with the organization's long-term goals.

In my view marketers should keep roughly a fifth of their calendar – and budget – available for these new, unforeseeable (but oh, so inevitable) opportunities.

Will you seize the opportunity?

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