May 5, 2015

Working at Tieto – it’s all about the people!

Isabella Seege

Junior Sales Consultant, Tieto

I started working at Tieto as a sales trainee in the Financial services Insurance unit just a few months ago. Even though I am social and I knew I have a lot to give, I was really nervous about my first day, wondering about everything from A to Z.

In the beginning everything was a big question mark for me and I put a lot of pressure on myself. You worry about everything from whom you will have lunch with to what you say, how you act and so on. However, after just a few days at the office I realized there was nothing to worry about. I had the solution for everything right next to me; the support of my colleagues, the people.

We are all people. Tieto is built by people. Everyone is an asset and things wouldn't work unless everyone worked towards a common goal. We all play a vital role in making sure business runs smoothly, for Tieto as well as for our customers. Each and every one of us carries so much more than just specific competencies and knowledge. It's the people and personalities behind it and our open source culture of sharing the good stuff with those around us that makes the real difference.

Time has passed really fast and I have met lots of nice and talented people. At Tieto I have received a chance to work with people from different cultural backgrounds, thus creating a wide international network. As far as now, I have been working with people from Finland, Sweden, Norway, India and the Czech Republic on a daily basis, an experience which certainly gives you a wide network and broad perspective on things. Each and every day is also different. One day might be packed with meetings and no time for a break, while some days you need to step up and talk to your colleagues, asking for more challenges and tasks. It sure is important to stay active because in the in the end you are the one building your own path.

Even though you are responsible for building your own path, this path is much more fun and easy with the support of your colleagues. If you don't know something, step up and ask. In the end, like I said, we are all people. Together we create greater things, just like we do at Tieto.

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