May 20, 2015

What makes it a success story for me?

Niina Lappalainen

Junior Sales Manager, Tieto,

Where does a company’s success really spring from? This question has probably existed as long as business has been done. When discussing this, the conversation often turns to the importance of commitment. 

We have heard and discussed this a thousand times, but at the same time we continue to read about corporations that fail because of a lack of commitment. I was left to ponder –what, then, creates commitment? Where does employee commitment come from?

I feel that in the long run, commitment does not come through asking nor is it something the employer can just expect to be there. It has to be tempted and inspired. I would also suggest that not only do committed people bring success, but a successful company brings forth commitment. Furthermore, it is not enough to simply explicate poor performance through lack of employee commitment, we must also admit that -perhaps we were not successful in motivating our people. The truth is, there always has to be something in it for me.

When I first started working in the fast-paced IT industry at Tieto just a few months back, my friends and family expressed quite a bit of amazement at my choice to work in such a technical field of business. To wit, I do not have a technical background, but majored in marketing and have also worked in several sales positions in the past. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed every moment at Tieto! The IT industry is constantly changing, which emphasizes our need to develop and grow incessantly. To me, development is something that keeps me agile and it certainly succeeds in making me see what is in it for me. At Tieto I see a huge variety of career paths that can offer me an international working experience and an interesting challenge. I see Tieto as a never-ending opportunity to further develop myself.

These are all very important sources for my personal commitment, but more importantly, we here at Tieto are encouraged to change things that are not working for us, speak out, and find our own way. Success stories also feed more success stories, and seeing people around you achieve their goals and move forward with their careers while enjoying their work, makes you enthusiastic and optimistic. It is infectious. I believe a company’s success is about committed people and employees who are enthusiastic about working towards a shared success and are given the keys to express themselves freely.

In the end, the most important thing that feeds my commitment is that I can say that I am playing on the winning team. I feel inspired every day and confident about where we are headed as a company, and that is why I am getting on board!

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