May 26, 2015

Employee experience @ Tieto

Sophia Boleckis

Head of Employee engagement, Tieto

A couple of weeks ago I had a rather unpleasant customer experience when fetching two cakes I had pre-ordered. It so happened that the bigger cake I had ordered hadn't arrived, but the young woman at the bakery was not at all sorry about that, but instead was happy to provide me with two smaller cakes to make up for the large one that had not arrived.

Instead of asking me whether the solution was fine for me, she was satisfied with a solution that worked for the bakery – forgetting that it might not work for the customer.

After spending an hour trying to negotiate a better solution for my own needs, I left the shop disappointed and angry. I had with me three cakes, two of which were not what I had ordered but cost me as much as the original cake. It did not help much that at some point there were five people trying to figure out what to do, or that I received a peculiar sum of 29,30e in compensation - I still felt cheated and resolved to never order from this place again.

CX links to EX

The above was a customer experience that got me to consider employee experience as well: are employee experiences taken into account as much as customer experiences, or do they not matter at all?

According to Frank W Capek, author of Getting the Employee Experience Right: Creating Employee Experiences That Drive Business Growth, customer and employee experience are inextricably linked. "The experience customers have with any business is the product of employee behaviors that extend from executive leadership through the front line. Every company is predisposed to deliver its current customer experience based on the organization's often deeply entrenched beliefs, values, measures, management systems and unwritten rules. These factors shape the employee experience and, through it, the customer experience." So, keeping your employees engaged, empowered, and happy not only helps in attracting and retaining customers, but there is also a significant linkage to customer satisfaction and engagement. Thus one cannot ignore employee satisfaction when considering customer satisfaction issues.

What is EX all about?

The bottom line is that employee experience is all about feelings: increasing the positive and empowering feelings and minimizing the ones that frustrate you and refrain you from performing at your best.

At Tieto we have been placing extra focus on both our customer and employee experiences for some time now. In employee experience we have taken a very pragmatic approach in identifying areas, issues, processes, tools, and parts of the facilities that we feel need to be tweaked to be able to increase feelings of satisfaction, joy, empowerment, and confidence. Many of these are small things that we feel have a big impact and enhance this positivity.

We have a strong trust in developing a culture of openness, transparency, and engagement. Putting focus on employee experience is an integral and natural part of this. Employees as well as our customers are important to us –and we want them to feel it!

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