April 7, 2015

Quo vadis, Intranet?

Ville Tawaststjerna

Solution Manager Collaboration and Productivity Solutions, Tieto

Intranets in many companies are facing generation shifts in the immediate future. 

This is due to two major trends:

  • Generation Y have entered work life. Old intranets often lack collaboration features required by employees who have written their first blog in school.
  • Application management is labor intensive and scalability neither in capacity nor price does not exist.

These trends also mean that Intranet as a concept needs redefinition. Editorial monolith owned by group communications accessible only via desktop is not how natural born collaborators see it. They want their intranet as the services they use off-duty. Always on, collaborative, context aware and personalized.

Redefined Intranet needs to include solutions at least for the following needs besides the "traditional" editorial content:

  • Team chat and social - Enable ad-hoc communication directly from the business context and location
  • Collaboration and meetings - Provide calendar, meetings and instant messaging as a natural part of daily tools
  • Project sites and document management - Support formal processes when required
  • File share - Allow access to work in progress directly or via above mentioned layers

All mentioned features need to have a natural touch-point to daily operations and tools - real work - whether it is creating and reviewing documents, analyzing CRM pipeline or filling in service reports in a factory.

This is of course not the only way to define Intranet. Having separate solutions for editorial intranet, team collaboration, project worksites etc. is possible. But I dare to say that many benefits of a more tightly integrated application collection are lost in siloes.

Successful approach requires horizontal co-operation between business units, ICT and communications. Siloed buying (nor selling) is not acceptible as business does not happen in siloes but in processes. And processes require all channels and devices. Faster you get that lead recrorded into CRM and communicated to the bid-team, faster you have the offer on customer's table.

Old-school intranets facing their transformation from on-premise single purpose tool towards modern cloud-born combination of applications should been seen as an opportunity to gain competitive edge.

We at Tieto are experts in transformation. We have turned our business to meet the requirements of our customers. Can we do the same for You, for Your customers?

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