April 15, 2015

I miss spicy food!

Anna G. Sandberg

Trainee, Sales and business consultant - Financial Services, Tieto

A few weeks ago I came back from a warm and sunny India. After two stops I finally landed at Arlanda where I was welcomed by my family and the incredibly beautiful Stockholm. I instantly felt happy to be home in the fresh air.

Two months at Tieto's office in Pune has now passed and what an experience it has been. India is truly the country of contrasts; on my way to the office I could pass a Ferrari, a truck transporting ten Indians and a cow and lorry. The infrastructure in Pune is largely non-existent and it is makes the daily trip to the office an experience mixed with terror and delight. I had never visited India before and did not know what to expect. But looking back on my time abroad it was all too short.

The best things about Pune were:

  • All my colleagues at the office
  • The spicy food
  • The high level of service in the country
  • The crowd (never being alone)
  • The weather, sun, sun and sun!

My time at Tieto's office in Pune has been an incredible learning experience. I have developed my knowledge within offshore operations, how recruitment in India works and what products and services Tieto delivers from Pune.

I have also gotten an informal education in the cultural- and business differences between India and Sweden. I have acquired a journey I will remember, invaluable competencies to use and friends for life.

The nice weather has come to stay in Sweden but I miss the spicy food. It is wonderful to be back home in the crispy and clean air, something one learns to appreciate when being faced with different perspectives on life.

Anna in India


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