March 4, 2015

Welcome to the new home of Tieto blogs!

Jenni Santalo

Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Tieto

Today, I am very proud and excited to launch our new Bubbles hub! The Tieto blog is an essential part of the hub, where we change perspectives through webcasts, articles and blog posts from our experts - and also from other influencers and partners.

We think a lot. And we write those thoughts down. We're always writing about what's happening at the intersection of business and technology, and discussing and sharing the kinds of ideas that will accelerate businesses and
change societies. And now we'd like you to join us.

Let´s change perspectives together!

On the Tieto blog we combine all our insights into one experience.

The blog consist four categories:

  • Insights & Perspectives, where we gather all our thoughts, words and visions concerning Business Transformation, Cloud, Customer Experience Management, Digitalisation, Innovation and Modernisation.
  • Industry Expertise, where you can find out what we think the future of your industry will look like.
  • Tech, where we share the passion for some of the latest and greatest technologies – and the business benefits they offer.
  • Life at Tieto, where we share some sneak peeks behind the scenes of what it's like to work at Tieto. We cover how our successes, and failures, help change perspectives on what's best for both our customers and colleagues.

Please familiarize yourself with our Insights and perspectives section first. The other sections will soon be updated.

Let us know what you think

What do you think about this? What type of topics would you like us to discuss here? Do you have any recommendations or other feedback to us? Please let us know!

To comment on our blog posts you can create a Disqus account by signing up with your Facebook or Twitter account or email address. This way you can participate in our discussions in a more engaged way.

Hope you enjoy the Bubble hub!

Jenni Santalo is the Chief Editor of Tieto Blog.

She is leading the social media engagement and content management at Tieto, and loves preaching about the immense potential of social media to anyone who is willing to listen.

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