March 31, 2015

Guest blog post: Go out and change the world

In the face of the mindboggling changes that exponential technology bring there is a mixture of frustration fear and excitement in large companies and institutions. In parallel to the comfortable, traditional structures completely new structures fuelled by crowd funding, lean start up methodology and a vision to make a dent in the world are challenging the status quo.

So how can we capture some of this new creative magic? Re-thinking our educational systems, making kids code, love technology and see their future as an entrepreneur rather than as a rapper or footballer is a great start. But large companies also need to re-think how they recruit, inspire and reward change makers. We also need to challenge the traditional office model, which is a silo protected by a corporate immune system and instead create playful open and diverse environment.

Through luck and some good moves by both politicians and brave entrepreneurs the Nordic region has a head start in the global technology game. But it will sure shrink as the share brain power of the largest countries will out innovate the small countries if we cannot continue to develop our entrepreneurial soil.

So in conclusion, it has never been more important to innovate, to open up for new partnerships, to try (and fail and try again) and to over-invest in the future. It has also never been so exciting or so much fun to be in technology.

So relax, take a deep breath…the world is never going to change as slow as now as long as you live…breath out…now go out there and do something to change the world!

Ola Ahlvarsson is the chairman and co-founder at Epicenter, Stockholm’s leading house of innovation. Ola is one of Sweden’s prolific serial entrepreneurs, who has started and sold over 20 companies the last 20 years, is a global leader of tomorrow at World Economic Forum, and is one of Europe’s most recognized speaker and moderator in the digital industry.

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