February 13, 2015

Welcome to Pune!

Anna G. Sandberg

Trainee, Sales and business consultant - Financial Services, Tieto

I will take the opportunity to share some information with you about our office in Pune, where I am located the moment.

The Tieto office in Pune with its 1,600 employees is one of the key delivery centres, with its primarily focus on development of IT solutions and services for different Nordic customers within Financial Services, Public, Healthcare, Welfare, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Telecom, Media and Energy.

At the Pune office Tieto builds world-class software solutions using technologies from Microsoft, Oracle, Java, SAP and Open Source Technologies. The different Service Lines (Industry Products, Consulting and System Integration, Managed Services and Product Engineering Services) give every solution a genuine mix of intellectual property, best practices and technology expertise.

Pune is the fastest growing IT hub in India; with 200,000 plus IT professionals and more than 220 major Global IT Companies are located in the city. Pune has the best coders in the whole country.

Pune is also known as the Oxford of the East with its nine Universities and approximately 60 Engineering Colleges. It is an impressing number of over 50,000 Engineers graduating from different Universities in Pune every year.

I really feel that I am in the right place at the moment. The atmosphere at the office is inspiring and innovative; everyone is breathing IT.

So now you know some about our office here in India and next you will get to know my Indian colleagues, how it is to participate in an Indian wedding and so on. But you will have to wait and see.


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