January 14, 2015

What to Expect From Cloud in 2015

Niraj Sood

Business Development, Tieto Managed Services

You are not ahead of the game just by using cloud services. Standard cloud services are already the norm. In this blog post, I would like to share my Cloud predictions for 2015 and suggestions on how to gain competitive edge through future cloud services:

Cloud services are now specialising. Throughout 2015, we will see a number of great Industry Cloud examples brought to the market. These Cloud services will be adopted to suit the specific requirements of an industry, with common concerns and challenges. These will lower the entry barrier to Cloud and quickly move Cloud to the core of the business. (read a good blog post written by Ari Karppinen here)

Data location is under scrutiny

Threats to cybersecurity and an increase utilization of Cloud services has a lot of users concerned. Clients who are very worried about their data’s location will ask, “Where is my information actually located?” (or thoughts like Daniel Downing has pointed out in his blog post.) We have taken this concern very seriously at Tieto, and we promise that when needed, clients can have all their Cloud data stored in Sweden or Finland, which I view as two of the most secure countries in the world. For any customer, the key will be to ensure the required safety and continuity levels, at the same time as maximising cost benefits.

Combining the best private and public cloud solutions into an optimal mix will be a crucial competence for any organisation using cloud. This competence is currently something not all cloud providers can claim to offer.

Cloud will help ecosystems evolve and collaborate

We’ve been talking about the world of ecosystems for a while (read a good blog post written by our CIO Kim Lindgren here). We will see even more of this development in 2015. In fact, cooperation inside and across ecosystems will be digitalized. Different stakeholders and technologies will cooperate digitally – and to a large extent – automatically. Cloud is the best infrastructure to enable this.

Everyone knows the example of Amazon.com: they have built a digital ecosystem for different kind of merchants to sell their products to consumers. At Tieto, we are building up a similar model for our partners and clients to collaborate on a digital market place, not to exchange books or goods but data and information-related services.

Cloud orchestration will be vital

Done in a traditional manner, developing and rolling out new applications and services is expensive and slow. In the new digital world, the winners are ones who can increase their competitiveness through hyper speed. This is where Cloud orchestration comes to the picture. Cloud-orchestrating services will help enterprises to decrease time-to-market for new services for several months and roll them out in just hours instead of days.

I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for Cloud. I believe that 5 years from now, I will revisit this blog post and see that all these predictions have come to pass and will be the status quo.

Niraj Sood is leading Business Development in Tieto Managed Services to meet the digital revolution. You can find him on LinkedIn. You can find our new Cloud pages here.


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