December 12, 2014

Old and new friends meet at the Tieto Alumni Evening in Helsinki

Elina Rintala

Sales manager, Tieto

On December 8th nearly one hundred current Tieto employees and alumni joined in to spend an evening together. This was the second Alumni evening organized in Helsinki with the idea to give former and current colleagues a chance to catch up, network and hear what's new at Tieto.

The evening kicked off at Tieto’s new Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Industrial Internet premises where we enjoyed mulled wine and informal mingling. The official program began with Kimmo Alkio’s welcoming words. Alkio spoke about the current state of the IT industry and what is going on at Tieto at the moment and gave a brief update on our current focus areas, or growth bets. A clear theme that he pointed out is that discussions with clients have shifted strongly from a technology focus towards business. Tieto’s internal start-ups in CEM and Industrial Internet are responding to this need and the aim is to make these operations as agile as possible.

After this we got to hear an inspiring presentation by Taneli Tikka who spoke about the core principle of the industrial internet: sense-think-act. The industrial internet helps us make smarter decisions by allowing us to gather different information through sensors and combine it with data obtained from various information sources.

It was uplifting to see how Tieto people seem to embody the ”Tieto spirit” even after they’ve left the company; the atmosphere was warm and excited, and it was clear that participants were enjoying catching up with old friends. I was surprised at the number of participants and how people’s careers have developed after their time at Tieto. For instance, one guest who had previously worked as a SAP expert had expanded his expertise to general IT consulting. I think this just goes to prove how the focus in the IT industry has turned from technology to business. CEM and the industrial internet were also central topics in discussions and the overarching feeling was that these are the areas for future growth in the IT industry that will change the business entirely.

Overall, the evening was a success! There aren’t too many chances to catch up with old (or new!) colleagues and it was inspiring to discuss Tieto and the changes in the industry from different viewpoints. Thanks alumni for making the evening so special to us all! It was wonderful to have you visit us and hope to see you next year again!

Finally, below one of the feedbacks received to prove it all:

Many thanks for the very successful #TietoAlumni event!

The speeches by Kimmo and Taneli were both inspiring and short enough ;), Glögi strong enough, food absolutely delicious, wines tasty, former colleagues and Tieto representatives cheerful thus talkative. The give-away was especially appreciated as it was raining on the way home.

Look forward to many more #TietoAlumni events in the future!

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