December 4, 2014

IASA Sweden Architect of the Month

Jonas Bergqvist

Senior Solution Architect, Tieto

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IASA Sweden is the local chapter of IASA and as a way of launching more discussion around the work that we architects perform everyday they are they are launching a campaign with “Architect of the Month”. I am very excited to be first one out and I look forward to getting interesting feedback and reflections from my peers.

The posts on the IASA LinkedIn group will be in Swedish, but I will make them available here in English on the Tieto Employee Blog.

So. On to the first post and to introduce myself a little bit.

My name is Jonas Bergqvist, I am 38 years old and have been working with IT in the Energy utilities sector for more than twelve years now. Since a few years ago I am working primarily as a Solution Architect here at Tieto in Sweden. I have an MSc in Informatics with a major in Advanced Software Development from the University of Gothenburg, which is where I live and work.

I was lucky to be part of the alumni who got to experience the Institution of Informatics during its heydays in the IT boom era. I am especially thankful for the wonderful esprit de corps at Informatics and all the wonderful members of SKIP, the Computer Society which I was chairman of during a period.

Now if my education started during the peak of the IT boom, my work life did not. Our class graduated in spring of 2001 at just about the time the crash hit the hardest for graduates looking for a job. After returning form half a year of language studies in Russia I got a short gig testing a mail and groupware solution for WAP phones (hey, this is the pre-iPhone, kids!). Then I got a break and got the opportunity to start working as a software developer and architect at Xdin (now Alten). There I worked primarily with development and architecture of a complex process-oriented system that we created in Enterprise Java (the EJB 1.1 spec folks!).

Area of expertise and typical work week

As a solution architect at Tieto I work with both solution and enterprise architecture issues in projects, business development and sales cases with our customers. And sometimes I just can't help but meddle in software architecture issues, too.

In practice this means that half of my time is spent producing solutions for our customers either based entirely on our own industry solutions or in combination with partners or new collaborators. A solution can be anything from how a utility company should adapt their IT strategy the coming five years in order to meet both the technical changes in the IT business in general – but especially the market and regulatory changes that are crucial to the quite extraordinary energy business – and another solution can be to produce a solution proposal for an add-on module or separate app that integrates towards one of our industry solutions or a third party system.

The other half is spent working with business and product development with our product and sales organisation. We solution architects are a link between these units and our goal is that we as a team are always one step ahead of our customers and the competition. In practice this means participating in workshops, planning product road maps, helping our sales people find and formulate the correct solutions to the challenges that our customers express, as well as staying up to date on trends, market and regulatory changes and analyzing what that means to us and our customers.


My responsibility is to create solutions that are defined withing the frame of a customer project, a tender or a change initiative.

I look forward to sharing my workday here with you during this hectic time before Christmas and I hope you will find it interesting to gain some insight into the energy business and the challenges and trends that define it the next 10-20 years.

It is a very exciting industry to be part of!

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