December 23, 2014

The five benefits of secure cloud for the public sector

Jouni Laine

Business Development Director, Tieto

Like all other industries, the public sector is undergoing digitalization and business transformation. One way to help the public sector succeed in this transformation is by using a secure cloud for the public sector, compliant with laws and regulations specific for the public sector.

It is a standardized and optimized cloud solution for public sector customers that lowers the entry barrier to cloud on the path modernizing their ICT. It is built on top of our robust and modern cloud services, with a very deep public sector industry knowledge.

At Tieto, we are helping many public sector customers modernize their ICT. Lately, we’ve agreed with Finnish Government ICT Centre Valtori about implementing data centre and capacity services that also include cloud solutions. All of these services need to meet the requirements of national security standards. Kari Pessi from Valtori said, “Cloud services will be used to lower unit costs, speed up development projects, facilitate scalability, and improve usability.”



A secure cloud for the public sector has several advantages other than its well-known cost benefits. In short, it can help customers become more agile, more efficient, and more secure. It focuses on creating better service and value for citizens, businesses, and society as a whole. I want to point out few more benefits of public sector organisations moving to the secure cloud:


Security is an issue often discussed when talking about cloud services. It is important for the public sector to provide quality services that are secure for citizens but also comply with laws and regulations. We can combine our experience and industry knowledge with our cloud innovations and tailor the services for all of our clients’ needs.

In many cases, location plays a key role (check out this good blog post about cloud and location written by Daniel Downing). One complicated challenge for the public sector is implementing security across all daily applications. New cloud security providers make it possible to set consistent policies across all apps, no matter where they're hosted.


Public sector organisations need to ensure efficient and swift delivery of their projects. Services and people also need to collaborate across institutions and bureaus. With a public sector cloud, we have shown improved productivity in areas such as application development. Efficiency is also very much linked to cost savings and freeing up capital that can be reinvested into innovation and improvement projects.


The purchase of cloud capacity and solutions might be complex for the organizations with special needs like many in public sector. Clouds come in many different forms, and clients need to be aware of which solutions and technology platforms fit best to their situation and ICT modernization roadmap. We have made this easier by standardizing and optimizing the cloud solution while taking the public sector’s special requirements into account.

Agility and innovation

Public sector organisations need to have infrastructure-supporting agility in their development activities. Cloud does this very well. In just a few minutes,clients can set up new development environments from a secure cloud, test it, and try out new things.

We need new innovative digitalizations now more than ever in public sector, and they need to be faster than ever as well. Technology such as the cloud needs to be an enabler for new services that do more than fulfill emerged needs.

Here’s what Markku Raitio from Helsinki City pointed out in his excellent blog post: “With digitalization, I think we can create better services for citizens and our ecosystem. We can work with people, collect feedback, and test services faster and help developers to create better world-class services.” This is one of the key aims of Cloud services: to enable this transformation, or metamorphosis, as Pauli Aalto-Setälä from Aller wants to call it (


Adopting a secure cloud can also drastically reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint. The global IT sector is, in fact, one of the world’s biggest consumers of energy. It is responsible for a carbon footprint that grows day by day. You can read more about this topic in our article.

To take the leap to the cloud, administrators need to understand these benefits, and create a cloud strategy that supports their organisation’s strategic and operational targets. My colleagues and I want to help public sector organisations and municipalities in Nordic countries to succeed. With this in mind, we created the Secure Cloud for the Public Sector.

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Jouni Laine is Business Development Director at Tieto. He focuses on new growth areas, new concepts to Tieto's key customers and thought leadership in general for public sector industry in the Nordics. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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