December 2, 2014

Common cloud challenges 3/6 - What if our existing IT assets have not yet reached end of their lifecycle?

Niraj Sood

Business Development, Tieto Managed Services

In this 6-part blog mini series I’ll address some of the most common challenges enterprises face when moving their data to the cloud. In this post, I’ll discuss how to tackle existing IT assets that are not ready to go to the scrap yard yet.

Common challenge nr 3: Our existing IT assets have not yet reached the end of lifecycle. You can find the previous posts here and here.

You are judging whether it would be better just to wait and let your existing assets to amortize first further. You might be prohibited from moving your application to the cloud due to licensing constraints or additional costs because some of your software and hardware vendors do not license their product in a “cloud friendly” way. Thus for you, there is no way to transfer your existing licenses to the cloud provider or service, leading to duplicity of license purchases.

Don’t wait until end of life cycle, bridge old IT to new world

One opportunity to ease the challenge of bridging old IT to new world is to leverage ready cloud platform solutions. These solutions will isolate workloads further from underlying systems and capacity services and provide ways to introduce cloud based elastic services even for old IT landscapes.

These same platforms can also be leveraged in extending and customizing new cloud based applications to match specific requirements of the organisation and to enable new cloud services to work seamlessly together with existing applications and data.

Take charge of your IT again

Choose a partner that can ease your cloud transition challenge with ready platform solutions and that has done heavy investments into ready cloud platform solutions. Also look for a partner that understands your business and knows that your employees already today are likely to use non-authorized cloud solutions. Make sure that you can take charge of your IT environment again with a partner that will help you implement consumer ready cloud solutions and help bridging your old IT into the new world.

Read more already today

We will publish the next post soon, but If you want to read all the challenges already today you can download the document See what cloud can do for you - uncomplicating cloud business.  Also, read more about Tieto’s vision and find all cloud related material on

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