December 9, 2014

Common cloud challenges 5/6 - What if my current vendors are not proactively bringing new and innovative cloud solutions to me?

Niraj Sood

Business Development, Tieto Managed Services

In this 6-part blog mini series I’ll address some of the most common challenges enterprises face when moving their data to the cloud. In this post, we look at your need to be informed about new IT services.

Common challenge nr 5: My current vendors are not proactively bringing new and innovative cloud solutions to me

Many traditional IT service providers still fear, that introducing cloud services would cannibalize their traditional service offerings which have been very successful and profitable. Many are struggling to define their path in cloud services, as they face challenges in delivery, growth and profitability.

True, many customer organisations accept certain slowness of change because of their existing vendors aren’t in a hurry to renew current services.

At the same time, many customers expect their current vendors to be more proactive in bringing new innovative solutions and ideas to them in order for them to be able to act as a source of innovation for the business.

Ensure access to innovation and new opportunities

No organisation has ever operated completely autonomously. What distinguishes an ecosystem from a more casual community or association, is that in a particular ecosystem companies depend on each other for mutual success and/or survival against competition.

Rich ecosystems, powered by cloud-based industry platforms, will be essential drivers in the ongoing digitalisation of all businesses.

These platforms will enable organisations in the ecosystem to integrate with each other automatically and effortlessly and thus accelerate shared innovation and value creation.

At the same time, globalization, provider strategies and the increasing interconnectedness of businesses mean that ecosystems are becoming more important and more complex.

Get “innovation that matters” together with partners

We at Tieto believe in collaboration with our ecosystem partners to create synergetic value. Tieto has a role in chosen major global technology ecosystems like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Open Source. We have access to their R&D results and future roadmaps – so we can utilize something already thought and experienced and add Tieto’s expertise on top. This way, we can bring new cloud-related innovations into your context. and provide you with more robust value than we could alone.

We have in the past year introduced a number of new innovative private and public cloud services to the market to support you in accelerating your business. We will continue to do that in the future since we are committed to innovation that matters and that creates real value to our customers business.

We strongly believe in ecosystems, and aim to master our own cloud based industry platforms in the future. They will enable our ecosystem parties to connect with us and others in an automated manner and drive increased agility and value.

Read more already today

If you want to read all the challenges already today you can download the document See what cloud can do for you - uncomplicating cloud business. The next blog will be published tomorrow. Also, read more about Tieto’s vision and find all cloud related material on You can find my previous post here.

Niraj Sood is leading Business Development in Tieto Managed Services to meet the digital revolution.


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