December 5, 2014

Common cloud challenges 4/6 – How to combine traditional IT with the cloud?

Niraj Sood

Business Development, Tieto Managed Services

As more and more enterprises look to move their data to the cloud, there are some common challenges most of these companies are facing. In this 6-part blog miniseries I’ll address these challenges and also suggest how you can overcome them

In my previous post, we looked at how to tackle existing IT assets that had not yet reached the end of the life cycle.  Today we continue our mini series on how to combine traditional IT with the cloud.

Common challenge nr 4: Combining traditional IT and cloud is difficult

Most enterprises consuming cloud services will soon operate in a complex hybrid model in which they must secure, manage and govern what is already in their environments as well as external cloud services – including those that have been acquired without IT involvement.

Managing the different operational service processes in a consistent and secure way is going to be a real headache.

Choose a partner who can make hybrid IT-governance easier

Even if managing hybrid IT is complex, you should not try to avoid it and push back.

Instead, invest in finding a partner to make the governance easier for you in a secure way. Someone to help you get the best from the cloud and tackle the challenges.

Remember, that ultimately it is not the IT organisation who decides whether IT really works, but the end users. You have succeeded if their experience when using the blend of internal and external, traditional and cloud based services is seamless, reliable and secure.

Choose a partner that will uncomplicate the cloud journey for you

You will need a partner that can manage and integrate services, both traditional and cloud based, on behalf of you. You should choose a multisourcing service integrator that is investing actively into their delivery ecosystems and cloud management capabilities.

Your users service experience is important. Make sure that your partner provides cloud solutions that are enterprise-ready and give you the visibility, control and compliance you need to trust that your critical business processes will work. The ultimate goal is of course the happiness and satisfaction of your end users.

Read more already today

If you want to read all the challenges already today you can download the document See what cloud can do for you - uncomplicating cloud business. The next blog will be published tomorrow. Also, read more about Tieto’s vision and find all cloud related material on

Niraj Sood is leading Business Development in Tieto Managed Services to meet the digital revolution.


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