November 20, 2014

Common cloud challenges 1/6: What is the real business value of cloud for me?

Niraj Sood

Business Development, Tieto Managed Services

As more and more enterprises look to move their data to the cloud, there are some common challenges most of these companies are facing. In this 6-part blog miniseries I’ll address these challenges and also suggest how you can overcome them.

The issues I will address are:

1. What is the real business value of cloud for me?
2. When cloud solutions don’t feel enterprise ready
3. Our existing IT assets have not yet reached end of their lifecycle
4. Combining traditional IT with cloud is difficult
5. My current vendors are not proactively bringing new and innovative cloud solutions to me
6. How can I manage the growing number of cloud providers?

Today we’ll look at the first challenge: can cloud bring any real business value to me?

Common challenge nr 1: What is the real business value of cloud for me?

Cost savings are the most commonly established benefits of cloud, but how do you truly benefit from the cloud?

Cloud can be adopted step-by-step

Not all businesses are the same. The best performing organisations understand already that agility is not just about delivering old things faster, but is also about rapid innovation and doing things differently. But the journey to agility isn't the same for everybody. Cloud offers different solutions for different companies.

Choose a partner who understands you, your industry, and how cloud is beneficial for you. Make sure to select a partner who moves you to the right cloud at the right pace for your organisation. When this happens, you will really benefit from cloud.

Choose a partner that can provide an ecosystem

Instead of choosing a partner with isolated innovation inside the company, look for a partner with a large ecosystem.This will create synergetic value. Partners such as these will help you create a joint vision, develop skills to cooperate with each other, and gain mutual trust - and provide you with more robust value than any company can alone. With the right partner, you will experience a journey into a world where value is created.

Choose a partner who can guide in choosing the right cloud for you, takes you there at the pace and model that is suitable for you, and makes sure you have the tools you need to create the business value that you want achieve.

Niraj Sood is leading Business Development in Tieto Managed Services to meet the digital revolution.. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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