November 18, 2014

Thoughts from Projektipäivät 2014

The project management event of the year, Projektipäivät 2014 & Nordnet 2014 was held 11.-12.11. at Espoo Dipoli in Finland. Tieto was widely represented as a platinum partner.  We held many great presentations and seminars during those two days including Taneli Tikka's keynote about Transformational Leadership.

I was one of our speakers and held my bulletin on Tuesday morning. I talked about PPS (Practical Project Steering) model and the benefits users can gain from it. This time focus was more on the soft side of the model – how it helps project and program managers with leadership skills. How to lead expectations was one of the things I wanted to point out.

There are no successful projects without happy stakeholders. The key factor in making them happy is to lead their expectations throughout the whole life cycle of the project. Making a stakeholder analysis as a continuous part of the project management would create a better base for communication and co-operation.By leading stakeholder's expectations continuously, project manager will be at least one step closer to success.

Success was the main theme for this year's event and I truly believe that I wasn't the only one who got new ideas and energy that can help me to succeed also with my future projects.

See you again next year at Projektipäivät.

Meanwhile – let's all take small steps to become more leaders rather than managers!

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