November 28, 2014

Stepping into a customer’s shoes

Marja Leena Pinomaa

Marja Leena Pinomaa, Head of Enterprise Feedback Management, Acting Head of Customer Experience and Insights, Tieto

Recently I joined a couple of workshops in which we looked outside in and tried to find out what the intended experience we want our customers to have, and how we would like them to feel when they are interacting with Tieto as a company and with Tieto’s employees.

Actually it is not so easy to step into a customer's shoes and start thinking outside in instead of inside out. What does my customer do in his/her (work) life? Are there any issues bothering him/her? Are there any ways to remove obstacles? How does my customer perceive his/her interaction with us? What are his/her feelings while interacting? How to make those feelings as positive as possible?

It's healthy for any of us, no matter what industry or company you are working in, to change our own mindset for a while and look at the world from the eyes of customers, and find out what their pain points are. Unfortunately it's easy to focus on the technical solutions, ways of working etc. from our own point of view, that we just simply doesn't consider those – or at least forget them pretty soon.

When talking to colleagues about customer experience and how to improve it, we easily get into those technical solutions and our minds turn quickly – and automatically – to inside-out thinking. Of course our customers are expecting solutions and related services from us – that is what our business is about. However, if we focus purely on those, we may forget why our customers want those solutions and services from us: they want to improve their own business and/or operations, their own customers' experiences etc. Ultimately they want a feeling of success in their own business, or even in own life.

So, let's focus on stepping consciously into our customer's shoes to find out how you can make him/her successful. Most likely it will finally result in a win-win situation for both the customer and you!

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