November 21, 2014

Slush and ecosystems increase possibilities for success

Slush is a great event for Eurasian startups and tech talent to meet with international investors, executives, and media representatives. The event has helped build a great ecosystem. In Finland, it has changed the entrepreneurial atmosphere and I think it has also had an impact on the Nordics and Baltics. It is a great place to get new ideas and inspiration, build and start new businesses, create innovations, and build a new, tighter ecosystem.

The world is moving in a digital direction. The business models that worked before are undergoing a huge change. Industries are looking for alternative business models and new ways to work and serve their customers. Customer behaviour and needs are changing so quickly that companies are having ahard time keeping up with the pace. Slush can help bring in this change.

Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” At events like Slush, ideas and thoughts can unify and grow more cohesive when people meet and start building new partnerships. So in order to succeed in the future, we need new ideas, inspiration, and creativity.

Ecosystems and partnerships increase possibilities for success. Slush is targeted for startups, corporations, and governmental institutions. No one has succeeded in this in Finland very well - maybe not even in the whole world. Like Peter Vesterbacka (one of the co-founders of Slush) quite often says, “You shouldn’t do something if you are not going to do the best job in the world.” The event is definitely reaching that.

Many of the tech events can be seen as some sort of incubators, because they work as an ecosystem to help them succeed now and in the future. At Tieto, we also want to create and be a part of ecosystems. We do that with startups, traditional players, and different industry influencers, and of course, with different corporations and governmental institutions.

Martin Lorenzon (Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder) from Spotify said that partnerships have been really important for them since the beginning of their company.

Also, Hiroshi Mikitani, Co-founder and CEO from Rakuten (one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms) said that one of their keys to success was creating a totally new type of business model. At Rakuten, serving customers has been one of their main focal points.

Slush helps us to think differently, and also to believe in digital change – because change is needed. And no one, not a person or a company, can succeed only by themselves.

I want actively encourage people and companies to work in partnerships. I think it can help everyoneinvolved to succeed. Partnerships also help us to move forward in this change to create new things faster. This way, we can create something meaningful and valuable to our customers.

Mikko is the Vice President, Head of Customer Experience Management business unit at Tieto.

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